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Morning all,

On a whim I decided to build a tricopter and outfit it with my APM1 I had lying around collecting dust.  I built the custom frame with a custom gimbal for the tail etc, rather happy with it.  I have been using APM stuff for around 2 maybe even 3 years at this point, so by no means am I a noob.  I am however a noob to tricopters.


Here is the issue.


If I hook up each ESC to the receiver directly, motors spin up great.  They are calibrated etc etc.  When I connect the three ESC's to APM, Port 1,2 and 4(Output) I get some weird things occurring.


1.  Without arming the APM, using aileron stick, the two front motors will spool up.  Left stick, right motor spools up, right stick the left motor spools up.  Right rudder the servo remains still, but the tail motor spools up.  Throttle is definitely at 0.  APM definitely in a disarmed state.


2.  Arm apm.  tail servo jumps and reacts as planned.  All motors spool up as they should.  The throttle control does not work at all.  Open and closing the throttle does not affect motor speed.  In addition, the motors do not seem to respond to airframe movement.


I have completed all the calibrations successfully including Axis, Compass, Transmitter etc.


I am guess that either APM1 does not support the latest firmware (I believe its 3.1.3).  Works fine in APM Plane and was used on a quad frame prior without any issues.


Looking forward to some ideas.  Thanks in advance.


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Hey Guys,


A little help.



Moved to Arducopter 3.x for better chance at getting assistance.


Did you ever solve this problem?! This is my first ever build and my pixhawk has just done the same thing. Any advice?

Hi, just in case any one else has the same probl I solved it by doing an ESC calibration after ensuring my channels were sending in the correct order (I'm using ppm sum. )

I shall add, my recent Y6 build behaved in a similar fashion, motors not responding properly to input. I then calibrated the ESC and the Y6 responded correctly.

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