tricopter on pixhawk?

  I've tried QGroundControl, APMPlanner and Mission Planner. Some of them show category of frame type like X or + config, But no way to say what type of frame more specifically then that. Thats confusing. Mission Planner allows me to specifically click on the tricopter icon, but I'm not sure its uploading the tricopter firmware. Only channels 1 and 2 do anything. Can someone confirm that the pixhawk can to tri? Not the Y6. Tricopter using 3 motors with the back motor connected to a tilt servo? If it is supported, Is there any documentation on how to set it up? Motor order, servo output? There seems to be no way to know what frame type is currently loaded in firmware. Is there a way to see this?

It feels like If I were doing a quad it would just work. I'm not sure where I am going wrong.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know, Thanks!

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          • Thanks Tom,

            Somewhat new but doing a lot of reading and homework.

            This is the Y3 tricopter frame from hobby king

            powered by Zippy 40c 4000 4cell 14.8V

            controlled by Pixhawk with GPS/compass, Sonar(1240) and 3dr video package including OSD Pixhawk is powered through the 3DR power module 

            Communicating through Spektrum satellite receiver fed with Spektrum DX8

            ESC's are Turnigy Plush 40A speed controller is a bec-3A/5V ver 3.1 DC 5.6V-26V

            rear servo is a turnigy 306g supposed to be fast and high torque

            spinning 3 AX2810Q KV750's with 3 1045 2 blade or 3 9050 3 blades

            other options are the Turnigy Nav light package and Red Blue green and yellow Turnigy led strips.

            I have a 12v ubec to power the video system and LED strip with  turnigy receiver controller on/off switch for the led strips. nave lights will always be on unless I figure out how to control them through the pixhawk without separate power switch....getting crowded and starting to worry about noise on the video feed.

            I have the pixhawk manual but have yet to find details of the pin rail and configuring them to use something like the tunigy switch. Is there a thread you can point me to on that. 

            If this post is out of place please forgive me on that and direct me in the right direction and thanks again for your help.



            • Those ESCs should be fine for the motor and prop combo you are planning. Lots of extra capacity. Can't help you much on Pixhawk pinout specifics as all my tricopters to date have been APMs. Currently assembling a Pixhawk powered one, but got another week or so before I fully figure it out. APMs are a bit simpler.

              • Thanks Tom!

          • What would be the result if you plugged in all 3 BECs to the rail?
            • Maybe nothing. Maybe badness. It's hard to say. What happens is all three BECs all have ever slightly different voltages and may end up "fighting" with each other. Probably in most cases you would be OK, but it's not considered a good practice. There's really not a good reason to take the risk. One BEC can handle things fine, usually. 

              • It seems like you could throw a capacitor on there to smooth the output. I've gotten into the habit of just throwing one on all my systems to help prevent random voltage spikes/brown outs. Also adds the additional advantage of not having to modify your ESCs
                • Tested !! it work perfectly now ... i just delete the post i with my other stupid question.... thx so much Tom !!

                • A capacitor only works for smoothing voltage spikes. The issue with plugging in multiple BECs in parallel can arise when one might be outputting at 5.00 volts and another at 5.10 volts and a third at 5.2 volts. You might be able to use blocking diodes or something to prevent the higher voltage from beating up the lower voltage BEC, but it's just more effort to go to.

                  • David, that's exactly the wiring hookup to use. It should work fine.

                  • HI Tom ,

                    Thank you so so much for  detail discribe the Pixhwak with Tricopter! this is the most useful post in the internet so far (at least i can find) 

                    However i would like to clarify my understanding before i apply it , make sure i didnt get you wrong :

                    1) use BEC ESC because it can carry 5v power 

                    2) 2 ESC at the front just take off the Red wire and leave the Ground and the Signal  and plug it to the Pixhwak Output (#2 for Left ESC , #1 for Right ESC)

                    3) for the tail ESC plug the all Red , Ground and Signal wire to the Pixhwak board Output #4 , so all pins in Out put will carry 5v power

                    4) plug the Servo all wire (Red, Ground and Signal) to Pixhwak Output #7 and it will get the power via the Pixhwak Output pins cause it is already powered all pins at #4

                    am i correct ? Please please advise thank you so  so much !!!

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