Tricopter physics help


I have been studying how exactly a tricopter works and I came across a problem that is not quite clear to me...

I understand that the tail rotor has to be slightly tilted for a specific angle alpha in order for the horizontal component Fx to counteract the unbalanced torques of the 3 propellers. However this Fx component of force F now causes that the sum of all forces is not zero - therefore the tricopter will constantly try to drift in the direction of Fx when trying to hoover!?
(see the attached sketch)

Am I missing something here or is my conclusion correct? 
How is this problem handled? Do you constantly have to correct for this drift by rolling or is this effect negligible?

Thank you for any input! =)3691147845?profile=original

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    • ola senhores estive esse tempo todo pesquisando e me deparei com as potagem de voçes muito intersante muito gratificante, afinal etou com um mesmo problema no motor de cauda de um tricoptero fica oscilando constante e o tricoptero começa a rodar en seu propio eixo. queria resolver isso na pratico como deveria corrigir, estou usando uma placa kk2.1.x v. 1.19s1.x espero ajuda.
  • The angle is adjusted by a servo to keep the heading constant.

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