Tricopter PID tuning help

Hi all,

can somebody advice me PID values for my tricopter? It is build like this, 40cm arms.

I'm using standard APM 1.4 + OilpanV1+HMC5883, MTK16.

When in navi modes (RTL or AUTO) forward movement is too slow - around 0.5m/s. When weak wind blows against airframe movement, tri stays at place or even moves backward ;o(

I guess the stabilize or rate pitch has to be modified. Has anybody such configuration with good tuned PID params?

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  • Developer

    There are two params that matter most for you.  

    WP_SPEED_MAX is default at 450. That's 4.5m/s. That should be good. But if not you should up that. But only after you fool with this term: NAV_P


    This term describes how much to tip the copter to achieve the desired rate of travel. Right now it's 2 which equals 2 * 250 or 5° of tilt from a standstill. That may not be enough for you.  (2.5m/s is the error maximum for rate.)


    The other term NAV_I should ramp up and make the difference.  It can tilt the copter up to 16 more degrees to achieve the speed you want.




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