I'm new to this site and kind of new in the RC world.
After searching a lot on this forum i didn't find out a good configuration for a tricopter, for a beginner. Please tell me what do you use, what do you recommend. What motors you use, what ESC, what servo, what remote, everything. This would help a lot people who are new to APM and don't know how to use it. Aslo, a tutorial of setting up a APM tricopter would be nice.
Please spare some time for the new guys, you were once like us :)
Thank you!

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Why tricoptee? Why not a Quadcopter? I've also seen v shaped hex or octo copters do some amazing acrobatic flying.
Check out rcexplorer.se. That's what I used for my first tricopter. You make the frame out of wood so when you crash it's really easy to repair. Just go with a kk2 for a flight controller.
Tricopter is the cheapest way to go. :)

Feel free to pm me, I do a lot with tricopters with apm and other controllers. Happy to help you with your setup, use the rc explorer v2 tricopter frame it works flawless with all controllers including apm 2.5.....
First of all, thank you for the quick responses.
Richard, there are lots of reasons why one should pick one over the other, why don't you go for an airplane? Basically it depends on your tastes nowadays.
Steven, thank you for the advice, my kk2 board will soon arrive and i'll build my first tricopter using that, just to learn to fly, so it will be easier to fly the APM.
Peter, thanks for the offer, when i'll start running into trouble i'll think of contacting you.
I opened this discussion so that the other beginners that are thinking of building a tricopter with APM will find it easier, so i would like to talk here, not on private.
I don't have anything right now (well, i do, but i'm not planning to use it in the tricopter). I'd like to buid a new tricopter from ground up. This is why i'm asking you to recommend the parts.
What motors do you use and why? What kv do you preffer? Do you want high speed or high torque?
What ESC do you use? Do you go with BEC or UBEC, why?
As a beginner i'd go for the wooden frame too, as it's cheap, it's easy to make, it takes out some vibrations. What body for the frame do you recommend? Do you preffer the plyable arms? How safe are they inflight?
What servo do you use? Does it have to be really strong to turn the motor? How to choose one?
This is what i'd like to know, so when someone is thinking of buying parts for a new tricopter he'll know what to choose.
Thank you again for the reply! Oh, and sorry for the bad english :)
I was thinking of buying a Turnigy 9xr and a FrSky DF. Do you think those are good for APM 2.5? As I've seen on this forum, people managed to use Turnigy 9x (not 9xr) without a lot of problems.

I am using the 9x with the er9x firmware. I am using the frsky module with no problems but I havent flown it out of the yard yet.


I just finished building my first tri-copter two weeks ago, and have about 20 flights on it.

Quick run down of equipment and parts

APM 2.0 with external GPS – To be upgraded with APM 2.5 and better GPS

Radio: Futaba 9C with FrSky D8 Module

Receiver: FrSky DH8 – 8 channel

Airframe – Hobbyking Turnigy Talon Tricopter V1.0 Carbon Frame

ESC – Hobbyking Turnigy Plush 18 amp

Motors – Turnigy Airdrive 1020kv

Tail Servo – Generic Corona (I stripped the servo the other day catching the tri when I knocked it off the bench.) I have a Turnigy 396 on the way as a replacement.

Propellers – I currently using 10x4.5, I also have 11x4.7 and 9x4.7 that I will be trying out.

Batteries: Various 3 cell lipos – Mostly Zippy 2200mAh 20C

Roll and Pitch Camera Mount – Goodluckbuy Scopion Something or another. Hobbyking has it too

I sound like an advertisement for Hobbyking...

Total build time: 6 hours

Comments: Used stock Ardu Tricopter setup. I had to reverse the “tail” servo to get correct direction of movement for yaw correction, was done in Mission Planner. Flew great on maiden flight only used stabilized and alt hold. I do have problems with GPS in Loiter, but I think the issue is with the APM 2.0. I have not flown in AUTO mode yet.

I will be make a scratch built Tricopter soon using the information at http://rcexplorer.se/ as a basis.

I started a shopping list, i allready have the motors. I'm not home right now, in fact i'm not even in my country. I'll get home at the end of march, so i have some time for research. Please tell me if you think these parts are good for a tricopter, or if i should go for something else.

Servo: HK15158A Digital BB/Coreless Mini Servo 25g / 2.8kg / 0.07s

Hey Peter, I am going to userp this invite for help if you dont mind.

I am bulding a Tricopter that will eventually become a Y6.

This is my parts list so far tell me what you think. My goal is to cary a small camera and eventually get more equipment onboard as it will be for environmental survey. 

 So I want the Esc’s to be over kill in the first version so I don’t have to replace them (just add to them ) when i upgrade.

Proposed Kit

1 x ArduFlyer APM 2.5
1 x Ublox6M GPS
3 x hexTronik DT700 Brushless Outrunner 700kv

3 x Lan Yu 40A ESC /speed controller For brushless Motor 8.32 ea ???? I dont know if i can program these
3 x TURNIGY Plush 25amp Speed Controlle 12.48ea
1 x TR_PC – TURNIGY BESC Programming Card

1 x Zippy 2200mAh 3S 40C Lipo 
3 x OEM APC 12X3.8 props
1 x Hobbywing 3A UBEC 5V 6V Lowest RF Noise BEC
1 x 1-8S Lipo/Li-ion/Fe Battery Voltage 2IN1 Tester Low Voltage Buzzer Alarm

1 x FrSky Diy 2.4ghz Module

Some specific Questions I Have:

Have you ever herd of the Lan Yu ESC’s They are pretty cheap and I am on a tight budget. the specs look good but I am not sure if they are compatible with a Tricopter? http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Lan-Yu-40A-ESC-speed-controller-For-...

Thanks for any advice


I have a question.  I'm setting up my APM 2.5 board (fw 2..9.1) on a tricopter.  I've installed a digital servo for the yaw tilt platform.  It seems a little 'steppy' with stick input. I'm thinking this is because of a 50hz servo refresh rate.  While I've found how to reverse the servo direction in MP, I've been unable to find if the yaw server refresh rate can be changed/adjusted.  Is this possible or is it hard coded (and if so) to what value?

Thanks in advance...

i've flown my apm 2.5 tricopter for a while, i've tried stab, alt hold, loiter, auto, circle, and rtl..

my setup is:

apm 2.5 with mediatek gps

rctimer 433mhz radio

DT700 + 11x4.7 props

HK F30A esc + simonK fw

hxt 5010 servo

4000mah zippy compact 3s battery

6ch hk6s transmitter and receiver

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