How would I trigger an event with-in the mission at a set waypoint?

A few examples would be: camera trigger, egg drop, ext.


I would also like to note that the APM seems to have a more detailed manual?

Obously APM is DIY Drones pride and joy, however Ardr-pilot was their stepping stone.. 

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Check out the events.pde file in 2.7. There is a bunch of commented out code you can use to do egg drops or anything you want. It's very flexible.
Good luck.
I've added that to the manual here.

I am waiting my first APM to arrive, but i would like to know, if it is possible to trigger events on a certain altitude.

Imagine that i lauch my airplane via a high altitude baloon, and an event is triggered if x altitude is reached and the plane is released.

I know, it could be dificoult but if apm can do this, is less ardware to install.

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