Trying to connect Pixhawk to my receiver?

According to the instructions:

"For a spektrum DSM RC receiver, connect to the SPKT/DSM port."

My only problem is that I dont know WHAT to weird as that may sound.

My receiver does not seem to have anything that I could connect to the Pixhawk with and i certainly dont have any special wires etc that came with the PiXHawk. See picture.   It seems like it would be a 3 wire microconnetor for the pixhawk with something else on the other end? 

Or does the pixhawk completely replace my spektrum receiver and i somehow bind the pixhawk to the transmitter?

Is anyone able to help.



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  • I have the same problem with a Pixhawk that I purchased from I am trying to have them resolve the issue, but so far they are unwilling. The Pixhawk I received from them obviously has a different connector installed in the SPKT/DSM location. So my satellite spektrum cable will not fit. So far they have told me to make my own cable. I neither have a connector to make one with, nor should I, since my unit is obviously defective. The picture of the unit from the site shows the correct connector installed, compared to the unit I received from They claim the unit is not a counterfeit ...... Will let you know what kind of resolution I get. I have Paypal involved now, so we will see what happens.



    Stock photo from site:


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      Is this Pixhawk a genuine 3DR Pixhawk or a clone?

      I have seen a genuine 3DR Pixhawk where the wrong connector was installed at the SPKT/DSM connector position and 3DR made good on return and repair of the defective unit.

      Good luck if it is a clone as you are generally on your own with this kind of build error.


      TCIII AVD 

  • Thanks - 'am in dialouge with 3DR - they are planning to replace the unit

    • I am waiting for a reply from them now about the same problem.   wish I knew someone that made a cable that fit so I don't have to send the unit back and be stuck with out it for a long time.  I thought about ordering a new one before I send this one back so I am not with out being able to fly for so long.    I just bought this to try something different from my DJI stuff.    

      • No reply from 3DR  about my problem.  anybody know some one that can make a cable to fit this socket?   Be an easy fix with the cable being available  

  • @ Thomas J Coyle III


    I finally found the problem. 3DR has shipped me a Pixhawk unit with an INCORRECT SPKT/DSM connector.

    I had ordered two Pixhawk units from 3DR and was trying my hand on one unit and did not bother to open the second one. However, when I examined the second Pixhawk unit today (wish I had done this earlier) I instantly saw the problem. My second Pixhawk unit has the correct Spektrum compatible connector. However, the first one (on which I was trying to get familiar) has the wrong connector soldered at the SPKT/DSM location.

    If one examines the Pixhawk closely it will be apparent that the SPKT/DSM and the SWITCH connectors are slightly different. The SPKT/DSM connector is a trifle wider than the SWITCH connector. Also the SPKT/DSM connector is a rectangular box i.e. all sides have plastic walls, while the SWITCH connector has plastic walls on three sides - the top being open. The Spektrum connector is not DF13 type whilst the SWITCH connector is 3 pin DF13 type. My first Pixhawk unit has a DF13 compatible connector socket soldered in place of the Spektrum connector socket.

    Problem finally understood - but not solved as yet. I probably need to build an adapter harness for the satellite receiver or cutoff the spektrum connector and solder a DF13 plug to make it compatible with my first Pixhawk. Can someone from 3DR comment of this and propose how to resolve the problem. I am an overseas customer and its just not worth shipping the unit back.

  • Hi

    I have the Spektrum AR7000 receiver. I disconnected the satellite receiver and tried to plug it into the Pixhawk PX4 but the connectors are not compatible. Are there any adapter cables available for this?

    Alternatively, if I buy a SPM9545 satellite receiver from Spektrum will the cable be compatible with the pixhawk?

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    The Spektrum receiver connection is meant for a Spektrum Remote Receiver: Link

    Here is a link to a Spektrum Remote Receiver: Remote Receiver


    TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

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