I'm trying to program my APM to fly to waypoint A, fly to waypoint B, return to A, return to B, etc., indefinitely. The simple approaches I've tried with a single jump command don't work: the plane ignores my jump instruction and returns home after visiting the waypoints on its list. How do I make the mission loop?


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Thank you for your response Eagle. I wonder if you can spell it out for me--I think I tried what you're describing, but the plane still goes home after the waypoints instead of repeating the path.

One way to interpret your note is this:

1. WPT A

2. WPT B

3. DO_JUMP 1

4. WPT A


Ari, what you listed is correct

I'd seen this video, but what I'd been missing is the repeat count. By default is comes up as 0 in mission planner, so the DO_JUMP never jumps! I set it to -1 and now it works.

Thank you guys.


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