• First flight today!!

    Created simple 250mX100m 30m
    const struct relative3D waypoints[] = {
    { 0 , 0 , 30} ,
    { -150 , 0 , 30} ,
    { -150 , 100 , 30 } ,
    { 100 , 100 , 30 } ,
    { 100 , 0 , 30 } ,
    } ;

    I took off in manual mode gain height and switched to stabilazed everything works great .
    The alerons feels like fighting me but soon i discover that turning using only rudder works great .

    I tryed waypoints and the plane turned to the first waypoint when getting to second waypoint the plane lost height ( i am not sure if under 30m or not) and disapired in the sun , i took over and got it back.

    Then i tryed a few times RTH .
    I turned off my transmiter and the plane turned and started to fly toward me but without motor .

    Third time i took off in stabilized mode but for some reason the motor throtteled down almost to zero i turned to manual mode to save the plane.

    Bassicly i have 3 questions :
    1) What should i do to lower the stabilization for ailrons ?
    2) Why the motor turns off in RTL ?
    3) Is there anything that turns motor in low alttitude in stabilized mode?
  • Hi Igal

    Excellent news, good luck with the rest of the process
  • Developer
    Igal, I would start to use the debugger of the ICD2. I would want to see whether
    any messages are coming back from the GPS at all.

    I think I would simply set a break point at the location where the GPS messages have been parsed.
    e.g. here in the code.

    If the debugger stops at that point in the code, then you are receiving messages from the GPS.

  • Admin
    Hi Igal,
    this issue might be related to following reasons.( it was discussed else were too .. I could not find the location )
    1. MPLab installation is not in default location ie. c:\program files\... and is in c:\... or another drive ie. d:\ .
    The Matrixpilot code is/was compiled /assumes the above, some files in it needs to reflect the path of MPLab tools location.
  • Igal

    I had similar problems, it very nearly drove me insane but, with the help of some of the group I am now programming the UDB like there was never a problem. Stick at it, dont give in, you will win in the end
  • I have manage to compile and upload the latest version But i think there is a problem with the GPS reciever.
    When i connect everithing on the gps recivers the red led lights very faint.
    At first i thought it is because no gps signal indoors but tryed it outdoors waited more then 5 minutes same problem.

    I have compailed a version with #define TestGains uncommented to check that everything works and it looks ok
    The ruuder/ailrons/eilevator are working and correcting in the correct direction.

    Any idea ?
  • Admin
    it will be more easy for some one to help you if you post clear details first.
    Which ICD2 are you using? link to product
    which version of OS in your computer,
    Which ver of matrix pilot are you trying to build/flash?
    did you try to un-install and reinstall the whole set of software involved etc etc.while trying to rectify this problem your self first?
    Most the programing related wiki is here, read it couple of times and see if you can figure it out your self. If the steps mentioned in this wiki are followed , there is good chance it will work unless some is different in your case or missing some thing.good luck
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