Hi all,

I have problems flying my new quad. when I yaw or roll or pitch, the quad looses height and when I stop yawing, rolling or pitching, it comes to the height it was...

I am using 3.1 RC7 on AMP 2.5.

Cell batteries are around 3.8V when full throttle. I am using turnigy plush 40a for esc.

Any clue on what is going on?


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Hi, it has something to do with the way a multicopter maneuvers : with motor power. For example in a yaw, all motors rotating one more direction get more and the others less. maybe 10% points more and 10 less. Now if the added thrust from 10% more throttle is not equal to the lost thrust from 10% less throttle with your ESCs, motors, props, batteries and wires, then you will climb or sink.
I just don't consider that a problem myself and compensate on the throttle stick. There is somewhere a throttle curve seting that you may want to try. And it seeems you need to give the increased-power motors a little more power again, and the reduced-power ones not as much reduction. That is a throttle curve looking like a hanging wire suspendd at the ends.
Other copters have it opposite BTW and they tend to climb when thrown about.
Regards, Søren

Friend. In the image of your quad you can see many details that have to take into account before setting your "APM" and so you avoid many problems of tuning:

. 1 - Have good engines and propellers. Post a description of your hardware to Help you best (engine type, Propellers, esc, etc ...).
. 2 - You do not have good distribution of the components. Your quad should be better balanced.
. 3 - Batteries must place them so that you can balance your quad in the center. With respect to the four motors.
. 3 - Try to install "Simonk Firmware" in your "esc". so your motors run at the same speed and increase motors performance.
. 4 - The APM should preferably be above the center of gravity is in the center of the "QUAD". Placed under the APM, Foami or foam to absorb the vibrations of the engines. 
. 5 - Keep in mind the aesthetic component in each quad and really best results.

good luck...

THR-ACCEL-P was to high so my final value is 0.4 :)

Thanks for the help!

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