Turnigy 9x APM ail/elev help


Does anyone know why my 9x is doing this? It seems when I move the (mode 2) Elev/Ail stick right or forward it works fine. But when I move the same stick left or down 20% it wants to do the opposite. Further than 20% and it works normally.

I'm using a Crius AIOP board with Megapirateng & Mission Planner.

I have a small pile of broken props in the corner of my room, and i'm yet to take off and land in a controlled manner for the first time. Can anyone help please? 

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  • Hello,

    Hope all is well. My Locust is currently unflyable until I get this one problem sorted out. If I try to fly it will flip and crash at the point of change seen in the pic below.

    My quad wants to turn right when applying the stick left, up to 20%, then it dangerously jolts heavily right after 20%. The same when I apply the stick down 20%, the quad tries to travel forward, then it dangerously jolts forward after 20% and into a steep crash.

    I'm not test flying it until I can find a solution as I end up with smashed props everytime.

    Please can you help with ideas and possible solutions? How might I narrow down/isolate the problem and find out what is causing it? All advice and help greatly welcome.




    1) I guess I can rule out a bad 9x controller as it works smoothly with another quadcopter.

    2) It seems Yaw/Rudder also has this problem. And it seems like the stick changes happen at 25%, 50% & 75%.. So there are three changes in the stick curve. I think perhaps something to do with the curve is the key but I still don't understand curves and need advice.

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