Turnigy9X / Pixhawk and a quad battery question

----------Turnigy and Pixhawk----------------

I have done a previous project with the old APM and Futaba radios which ran a jumper for each channel from the Rx to the APM. I am about to bite the bullet on a Pixhawk and would like to use the Turnigy 9X since it is cheap and I no longer have access to the Futaba Radio. I want to take advantage of the single cable from the Rx to the Pixhawk. Is the 9X capable of this?I have searched the forum and people mention the two but I can't find a picture of an actual setup working.  


-----------Battery Question--------------

I have done several fixed wing projects, but I am now looking at a Flamewheel 450 quad ARF. I have no clue how to size a battery for a quad. Anysuggestion on cell count, or mAh. What is the typical current draw during flight aka how many C battery should I be looking at? Right now not looking for FPV or any real payload, but would like a decent flight time.


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  • Got the radio question solved. But still would like to know some rules of thumb on quad propulsion sizing
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