Twinstar vs RQ-11

Hi All,


I am looking to update my current drone setup to either a Multiplex Twinstar or Nitroplanes RQ-11. The primary purpose of this drone is to take vertical aerial photos for making Digital Terrain Models.


I am looking for a plane that can

  • Handle some wind (say up to 15 knots)
  • Be easy to fly manually (I'm no expert pilot)
  • Be hand launched as I won't have access to a runway always
  • Has enough internal space for APM and a Canon P&S style camera, downward pointing
  • Could possibly have FPV gear added in future

I have settled on the above two planes as they are around the same price, can handle enough weight and seem to be widely used by the APM community. I have the option to buy either one of them. However, they are both quite different animals.


The RQ-11 has that Military look that is kinda cool, but I am wondering if it is too fast for a less experienced pilot?


I like the durability of foam (ie. the twinstar) and am also wondering if the RQ-11 is too delicate with a fibreglass fuselage. I have recently flown a HK FPV168, which has a fibreglass fuse and balsa wing, and it was way to fast for me, leading to nasty crash. That plane weighed a lot more than the RQ-11 though (3kg vs 1.5kg), so maybe they are not comparable - it just scared me off fibreglass.


How does the twinstar go in wind?


Any thoughts on the two platforms?





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  • James, the RQ-11 looks awesome but has some nasty characteristics (such as high speeds and tip-stalling)for use as a UAV. As you have said, you really dont want a fiberglass test platform since it it is more brittle and repairs are more difficult.

    The Skywalker is a good option but there are others too. Some of my UAV/FPV airframes include an EZ* and a 40 size electric trainer.

    As it happens I'm also living in Perth and after a Skywalker. BEVRC which is currently out of stock :( has free shipping for orders $200+ so if you're looking to purhase one, I'm up for a group order.

    If you want some more info feel free to PM me.





  • Skywalker and FPV168 are essentially the same planes with different materials, I would choose the skywalker since it is easily fixed after a crash and stay away for any kind of fiberglass since it is very sensitive to crashes.


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    Xen Skywalker EPO is a good aircraft on terms of payload and stable flight.
  • Hi.

    The MPX Twinstar goes very well in wind. The standard 400 brushed motors are ok without any extra payload, but you should replace it with some brushless outrunner motors sutch as about 1250>1350 kv's 300>350 watts motors and some 30>40amp (better safe than sorry)esc's for mutch better performance. The best resoults in my experience is to have the motors spin look from behind, left clockwise- right counter clockwise.

    So you got to have a pusher prop and a puller prop. Size of prop, follow the manufactery recs.


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    I have two TwinStar IIs and they fly like a dream. They are presently equipped with FMA Copilot IIs to help me fly as I am an advanced beginner. The TSII flys well into the wind and is very stable. I converted both TSIIs to brushless motors and glued the wings together. I plan to add an APM/IMU to each TSII shortly.

    The TSII has good lift capacity and can easily carry a GoPro camera mounted to the bottom of the fuse if equipped with landing gear or on top of the fuse.

    Hope this helps.



  • First, I am no expert on this, but i have the rq-11 raven from nitroplanes, and it really looks good, but one tiny crash and it is broken... The wings have a very thin foil covering it and is easily broken... But as you say it looks cool :) But imo if you are not an experienced pilot, do like me and leave it on the desk until your ready for this...

    I would like to recommend the skywalker, I know readymade rc sells it... This is very similar to the rq-11, it is foam, extremely large inside, bigger wingspan than the rq-11 and can fly really slow..

    Good luck anyways :)
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