"Scott Proposki, the owner of Camera in the Sky, was testing out one of his aerial photography helicopters with his co-worker John Perry Tuesday afternoon when something went wrong.


For some reason it took off, only three feet off the ground. It hit John. Immediately I reacted, went in there and reached for it and took it off John”


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  • Speaking of safety, check this out:

    That's a 600 helicopter, and the pilot was standing right where the heli headed to.  Luckily he was able to fall back into a doorway or he would have taken a direct hit.


    That's why I treat these things with respect.

    Oh, and the cause of the failure?  Not a flight controller.  It was a servo failure!  Good old servos.  The rear swash servo went hard down.

    This demonstrates the folly of relying on a failsafe switch.  Think you could hit it in time?  Think it would actually stop what was happening?  Nope.  The blades take about 30 seconds to stop.

    The only way to be safe, is to operate safely.

  • T3

    My problem with this article is why is it in the news in the first place?The only answer I can think of is that they wanted the press which is mind boggling in light of the fact that they are obviously operating a commercial concern in violation of FAA regulations. Is this an attempt to pressure the supplier? Irresponsible on all fronts...the next thing will be the FAA will take notice and these guys will get a cease and desist letter.

  • Pics or it didn't happen!

  • They called 911 for that?  Then people wonder why healthcare costs so much in the United States.

    Secondly, did what Obama signed really do anything for hobby rc or drones or even commercial use.  I never knew there was a law against flying personal or commercial RC/drones in the United States.  I thought what Obama signed was to allow the infringement on the rights of citizens through the use of military drones by state and local law enforcement?  Drone seems to be a loosely used word today.

  • This whole news article is incredible stupid.

    Is it news every time somebody cuts themselves with a kitchen knife?  No.  But since this is a drone...

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