Typo / bug in entering declination is still present in MP 1.2.73.

In MP 1.2.73, Initial Setup > Mandatory Hardware > Compass,

The guide text beside the declination textbox says:

"in Degrees eg 2 degrees 3 minutes W is -2.3"

There are many signs that this is a typo.

Suppose you try to enter the following two cases:

Case A: 0 deg 3 minutes E. So I am supposed to enter 0.3 ?

Case B: 0 deg 30 minutes E. So I am supposed to enter 0.30 ?

In both the above cases, if after inputting, you click away to the next page say "Accel Calibration" and then click back to "Compass", you'll see that the value has been saved to 0.305. In both cases.

Further more, if you check the COMPASS_DEC parameter, you'll see it's 0.005 radians, which is equal to 17 arcminutes! https://www.google.com/search?q=0.005+radians+in+arcminutes

And it is also equal to 0.286 degrees. https://www.google.com/search?q=0.005+radians+in+degrees

So if the COMPASS_DEC is value is correctly treated as radians, then the declination input box appears to be accepting input simply in decimal degrees.

i.e. the guide text should instead say:

"in Degrees eg 2 degrees 3 minutes W is -2.05"

I can only guess that this bug is being ignored because it only causes errors that are smaller than one degree, and that's good enough for our purposes?

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looks like there is a problem. I will fix to work as originaly intended.


basicly everything infront of the. or , is degrees. everything after the . or , is minutes.


2.3 = 2 deg 3 min = 2.05

2.30 = 2 deg 30 mins = 2.5


Hi Michael, 

Thanks very much for the wonderful free program. This is just my humble suggestion.

I actually prefer the existing functionality (decimal degrees), and this would only require minor correction to the guide text, as suggested in my first post, the green text.

One reason is that the form "degrees.minutes" is non standard, and looks ambiguous.


I guess if, for some reason, (perhaps because the declination website gives deg and min), you want to allow input in degrees and minutes, then you could provide separate text boxes. like:

 [__] degrees [__] minutes

This should be more clear to everyone.

That is a great idea.


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