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I recently posted a video from my new project: build from zero a new UAV development PCB.

Look at the video and say me what do you think about: things to add or things to remove to or from the PCB.

The video shows the result of the AHRS algorythm with accelerometer, gyroscopes and magnetometer values. No kalman, no quaternion, only integration gyro updated by accel angles when in steady position. If you're interested i can post the source.

Thank you for your comments!





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  • How about some details?  There's lots of these videos on youtube with little or no details.

    Why did you make this system?  What advantage does it have or what shortcoming of existing technology does it address?

    I can do the same thing with an iNemo dev board and the AHRS software is already written for me.  It does have a kalman filter and quaternions and good calibration routines, etc.. 

    It's great that you're able to do this yourself, but how does it help me?

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