Hi guys

We are looking for an additional UAV engineer/expert to join our team to assist with integration of autopilots, lasers, sensors etc into our piston engined rotary wing aircrafts.  The autopilots are not PIX4D based, so knowledge/understanding of commercial autopilots and the ability to work with multiple manufacturers and suppliers is a must.

We need:

- Solid understanding of electronics, board design&manufacturer, servos, wiring, troubleshooting

- Solid understanding of servos, radios, satellite positioning, sensor integration

- General understanding of helicopter dynamics, design and functionality

- General understanding of aviation law, CASA requirements etc

- The ability to work to timelines in a commercial operation

- Some remote area work may be required during testing and operations.  You may have to go bush.

Formal training not required - we just want someone who knows their stuff, can work in a team and is not afraid to ask for help when he needs it.  A wizard would be great.

The position may be part time of full time depending on what you can offer us.  

If you think you have the skills to pay the bills, please send us a message here.



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