• Hello Joe,

    I am based in Vancouver, working with APM/Pixhawk/DJI A2/A3, LIDAR, BVLOS systems, etc.  Full electronics lab and CNC machine shop. Generally building large commercial aircraft. 40 years exp as a systems engineer.

    Interested in discussing what you are looking for.  I sent a message request to allow private messages.

    Don Gibson

    HighCee Technologies, Inc.

  • Interested for the Canadian startup opportunity, contacted.

  • Hello Joe,

    I'm looking for a new UAV projects for joining as design engineer.

    Have a good day
    Andrei Popov

    Andrei Popov
  • Hi,Joe,

    has anything helps if the COFDM wireless video transmission systems works well?
    long range distance and NON-LINE-OF-SIGHT transmission ?

  • If a company is fine, just keep in contact with

    Good luck.

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