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I'm new here, and have a lot of questions, so here goes.I'd like to make a UAV that can fit all the following requirements:2+ hours flight time(if not possible, what's the highest flight time?)2 cameras- 1 FPV, 1 on bottom for downward viewIncreased range(as much as possible while still having it be omnidirectional)Autopilot-easy to program/use for someone who doesn't do a whole lot of programming(Would ArduPilot be best?)Video goggles or a small screen for viewing camera feed(what is the average price for goggles? They don't have to rotate, but I'd like to be able to toggle between both cameras. If there's a cheap rotating one, I could work with that)I'd really appreciate any advice on what model type to use, what cameras, etc. Thanks. :)

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    You could equip EasyUAV with you custom video payload:

    The flight time would be around 40min-60min time.

    For OSD, you could use RVOSD or any other OSD accepting GPS input.
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