I currently own a Skywalker X5 UAV with APM 2.6 that I want to use to take photos and produce Orthorectified mosaics and Digital Elevation Models. I'm using a Ricoh GR4 Digital with this shutter, http://www.flytron.com/rc-shutters/92-ricoh-remote-shutter.html

My proccesing software is Agisoft Photoscan Professional. The main issue I have is that. I can't obtain the GPS coordinates and the Yaw/pitch/roll data of each photo.

The APM is supposed to capture this data as it takes every photo right? How can I get this data?

Also, I would like a tutorial or a link to use the Set_Cam_trigg_dist to plan missions on Mission Planner. I haven't found the way to use it properly.

Thanks in advance.

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  • I don't think the CAM messages are on by default. You'll probably have to turn this on manually in the terminal, by specifying "enable CAM" in the terminal, then you'll get the times/pos's logged in the APM whenever the pulse is sent to the trigger. Of course, this doesn't guarantee the photo is actually taken. If you know the average delay, you can further interpolate between positions to improve your position estimate. Ground positions with high precision equipment always give better results.

    In the latest version of mission planner you hardly need to use the cam_trigg_dist, you can just specify an area to survey and insert the forward speed of your craft and the altitude, the software does the rest. Tick the "advanced" box though, which will open extra tabs for your to manipulate things on. The last one allows you to specify the method for triggering.

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