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Ok, I'm back and still looking to become a full time UAV pilot.

So I am now a Comm Pilot with Instrument rating and over 325 hrs in single engine aircraft.

Applied with NavMar, they are sending me out to Yuma for TigerShark evaluation in July.

If accepted, i will join a 12 week training course, then deploy.

TigerShark is controlled internal with R/C hand controller. 

So i have signed up for 2 weeks of training with R/C school.

Any advise ?????

I already have my security clearance.

I am prepared to go overseas so i get lots of hours & experiance.

Hoping when i am finished with my 2 year revolution that the US airspace will be ready to open up.

And getting employment offers will be much easier.

Any Advise ?????

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  • Try RC Hotel in Corfu

    Ask for Spiros

    He is a brill instructor

    Tell him Simon gave you contact


    Good luck

  • Yeah I've been to Yuma and trained on the aerosonde. I'd love to give you tips but the useful ones I can't type out here. Message me with your phone number and I'll call you sometime this weekend. I also worked for Navmar.
  • Off topic, but Yuma in July :<

    Hope you like it HOT!

    Already in the 100 degrees there today .

  • is this what you will be flying?


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