We've been working on a project for tracking and sharing the location of UAVs and drones in real time via the web. We would love to get some community feedback. Take a look at http://droneos.com and sign up for the beta if you are interested in trying it out. We are at SXSW this week if you are interested in meeting up. DM us at @droneos

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Anders: this looks very interesting. Can you post a few screen shots and more info about the company as a blog post? Things can get a bit lost in the discussion forums.
Thx, will do.

So your project using a system similar to AIS?


Yeah, something similar to that. I hadn't seen that before - very interesting. Same sort of idea but for drones.

Here is a little more info, its a free service.

I think you could be onto a solution to some recent safety concerns.


How is it different from existing service www.gpslogbooks.com?

BTW signup is not working: http://droneos.com/signups 'something went wrong'/.

Gpslogbooks.com is similar right now but where we are headed is completely different. They focus on humans where our focus is 100% on drones.


Thanks for the heads up on the signup - can you give it a try again? Love to talk more if you are interested.

Still problematic:


We're sorry, but something went wrong.

We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly.


It is being produced after clicking singup button.

Sorry about that, can you tell me what browser / os version you are using?

Windows XP Pro PL 32bit


all browsers

(opera, firefox, exploder, chrome)

button is either not working or showing mentioned message after 1-2s.

Disabled firewall and antivirus but same thing.

Might be ISP+ping related, but other things are normal and this is since several reboots.



Bug report, cannot subscribe to site with any browser despite firewall is off. Jscript bugs. Windows XP Home.

Video report, js source code etc in archive.

Couldn't unrar the movie - crc failed - but are you typing your name and email in before pressing "Join the Beta"?


Sorry for the troubles.

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