My uBlox GPS has been working very well for the past few days since installing it into my quad connected to the APM 2.5. However, I noticed it starting to get very hot yesterday, and now it doesn't seem to work.

The red power LED is on on the uBlox unit, but no blue lights flash on the APM when it's powered up, so it's not even recognising i have a GPS unit or searching for a satellite. (To be more precise, I get a blue flashing for approx 3 seconds after APM power up, but it does this regardless of if the GPS is plugged in).

Can anybody tell me what the possible problem is. Should it run hot? If not, what could cause this, and is it the APM at fault or the uBlox unit?



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Your uBlox GPS running hot is indicative of some kind of electronic failure or electrical short on the board. I have at least six uBlox GPSs and none of them run hot. It has not been in a crash or near crash?

You might want to examine the module under a magnifying glass to make sure that there are no obvious shorts on the pwb circuit tracks and that all of the components are still attached to the board. 

If you bought the GPS recently you might want to contact the seller and see if you can get an RMA number to return it if it is still under warranty.



Thanks Thomas.

Nope, no crash, it has never even been in the air. It's a new setup and all new components. I'll see what i can do regarding a return then I guess. I'd happily buy another but everywhere is out of stock here in the UK.

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