UBLOX GPS is not giving status for Arducopter

I recently have uploaded the newest version of quadcopter code
and have no LED status of the GPS....why is this?

I have the GPS plugged in... (UBLOX), it establishes connection
at 38400 using the UBLOX tool...

I am confused as to atleast why I dont see a no fix LED..

I have changed #define IsGPS   to uncommented
#include <GPS_UBLOX.h>  to uncommented

Running V1.4
Am I missing anything...

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  • Developer
    ArduCopter Alpha release goes not have navigation functions included. We removed it due safety issue. Hopefully on next release we do have it. There are few unofficial ArduCopter codes that has GPS code but they are not reliable so becarefull if you plan to use those.
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