ublox gps on AMP 2.5...

Been doing this a while... been flying APM 1.. 2.0 for a long time..

Am I missing somthing...   APM 2.5... ublox GPS....

no lights on the GPS....no GPS fix...

Did I hook it up right.. ?   Thanks

Eddie Weeks


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  • I noticed that when plugged in too tightly, my uBlox GPS has a bad connection somewhere.  If I wiggle it, it comes right to life.

  • Yeah... I measured 5 volts in a few spots on the board....

    but no 3 volts anywhere... and I checked them all twice... LOL..

    thanks again

  • Thanks for your help Thomas...

    I measured 5.16 volts on the back of the GPS board.... and ohm out the cable... all connectors are connected..

    no power light

    who do I talk to about a replacement GPS board.. ?

    Can someone look at the pic above... is this the right way to connect this GPS.. ?

  • are there lights on this GPS... ?   And should they be lit ?


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Aug 25