• GPS antenna can't "see" the satellites when it's facing the ground.

    • I really appreciate your responses.  Thank you!  What is puzzling is the fact that the Pixhawk has the INVERTEDFLT_CH function which boasts inverted mission flight which has to have a GPS lock to complete.  I wonder what a solution could be?

      • Some possible solutions could be:

        • Relocate GPS antenna on a pedestal and ground test vehicle inverted for quantity of satellite receptions.
        • Use an antenna that is omnidirectional I.e. better than hemispherical field of view.
        • Add a second antenna pointed in opposite direction and use an antenna diversity circuit to determine which antenna to use.

        First one should be easy to do. I'm not sure if the second and even the third option exist but a Google search might resolve that. 

        • I use a Pixhawk to collect data from a kite which can spend considerable periods in various orientations. I use the Ublox M8 with a dual band omnidirectional antenna. This seems to work well. 

  • The patch antenna on the gps is directional and when you point it at the ground you will loose satellites. 

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