UDB4 + GS407 + XBeePro


My project involves a quad copter, with a UDB4, GPS and XBeePro to send/receive piloting data.

I've read a lot in the website, but I didn't find any guide/tutorial concerning the electronic connections between the board and other components. I'm a newbie on electronics, sorry if my questions are quite stupid:

  • How do I interface the GPS to the UDB4? Do I need a cable or something? Some additional stuff? 
  • How do I connect the module XBeePro to the UDB4?

I would like to avoid soldering as I haven't got a lot of experience with electronics soldering scales...

Thank you very much,


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  • Most of the UavDevBoard documentation can be found here: code.google.com/p/gentlenav/wiki/Home?tm=6

    If you have any other questions, I'd recommend asking them on the uavdevboard mailing list. You'll find that the people there are very helpful! You can find the uavdevboard group over here: groups.google.com/group/uavdevboard

    Also, please note that there is no real quadcopter support for the UDB project just yet. Bill Premerlani is working on quadcopter support, but that code is still pretty basic and still in the early stages of development. I the archives of the uavdevboard google group you can find a discussion concerning the state of the quad code.

    Hope this helps!
    Wouter van Verre
  • Hi,

    I'm developing as you, a Quadcopter with de UDB4.

    The XbeePro you can only connect via the TX2 and RX2 ports. You can changes de configuration about speed or add DMA for the UART as I have done.

    The GPS is suposed to use the UART1 port, but it depends on the conection of your GPS and if this GPS is already supported or you have to write and specific library for it.

    Ask any question, or send me a message if you have other questions.


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