Hi Guys

I have a question regarding the ultrasonic sensort on the APM 2.5 

In the list of "compatible" sensors on the MP software there are 4 models. I Googled all of them and see it's a single sensor. 

I have a ultrasonic sensor lying around in my electronic workshop  that looks like this:

This is it's data sheet:


Will this work on APM2.5?

Your feedback is much appreciated


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hi dear friend

I have the same problem

I just know we can add ultrasonic sensor to the ardupilot but we must add needed codes.

I don't know where we should add the code.

help me if you foundout how


Hi Saeed 

I have had a bit of a rough time at work and have not had much time to look into the ultrasonic sensors. 

Hopefully during the next week or so I'll have a bit of time to play around with a couple of things. 

As soon as I have found a solution, I'll let you know as well. 

Have a good one. 

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