Unable to stop props/disarm Iris+ quadcopter as soon as on ground

I have lost multiple props on Iris+ due to inability  to immediately stop props when it  on ground or is thrashing brush after a minor wreck, etc. If a failsafe kicks in and Iris+ switches to RTL or Land, not infrequently the Iris lands on uneven ground and tilts/tips over smacking the props for prolonged time (10-20 seconds), or after minor wreck,it  continues to thrash props  to unusability despite trying to disarm with throttle down/yaw left. Last, when an accident occurred during auto-tune, the Iris+ continued to thrash the props on the ground despite trying to disarm from transmitter until I hit the manual disarm button on the top  with my shoe.

I would like to somehow stop the props from transmitter whenever I want to override whatever Iris+ is trying to do. A kill switch of some sort? I could assign it to channel 7 or 8 (and tape the switch to prevent accidental disarming).

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Same here!! One time it got off the ground on its own and smashed against a tree!, Thankfully it was just the props and there was nobody close....

You mentioned about the FailSafe on the iris+.... When does it come in or why? Is there anyway to disable it?

I am scared to fly this thing again!

Failsafes are set by default for  geofencing at around 300 ft vertical, 900 feet radius; as well as for loss of GPS signal or loss of transmitter control. Settings are accessible in Mission Planner.  

You can Immediately shutdown the props by switching the flight mode to stabilize and lowering the throttle completely, which is what I do as soon as I land.  The Iris+ does not come with Stabilize as a default flight mode on the controller.  Using Mission Planner I changed my AUTO to stabilize, since I use that more.  You could also switch the flight mode using DroidPlanner.  Hope that helps.

Good to know, Dylan. Will give that a try. May set Channel 7 or 8 to Stabilize. Thanks!

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