Uncontrollable Leftward Yaw.

Hi, guys. I have a problem with my hexacopter yawing constantly to the left. I've tried trimming it out on the Transmitter but apparently I can't get enough trim from that alone.

It has an Arducopter Flight controller running the latest 2.x firmware (apparently the board is retired and cannot be updated to 3.x). Set up in Hexa-X configuration.

The copter will lift off and attempt to fly if I let it but the yawing to the left makes it impossible to control, I've maxed out my transmitter trim controls to try and correct it. I've checked that all motor directions are correct and all props are proper and that none of the motors are making with wires or foreign objects. I've disconnected, checked, numbered and reconnected my servo cables that control the ESCs. Is there any other way something like this can be fixed?

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