Uneven motor load for copter setup?

Hi guys,

There's a few issues I'd like to bring up here.

Here's the background: just loaded copter onto Pixhawk and plugged it into a quad frame (had it in the frame before but used the Pixhawk in a plane for a bit). Connected via mission planner and I get a strange line on the HUD I haven't seen before (see the attached jpeg).

Anyway, I go through all of the setup wizard and all seems fine. Double check that I'm plugging in the motors to the correct ports (which they are) and test arm the quad which goes fine.

Put the props on and went outside to test that it gets off the ground. Noticed two issues:

1. The motors continue to spin up for a short while (maybe 1 second) for a given throttle input and seem to take longer than usual to spin down.

2. One or more motors are not spinning up as much as the others (two or more different pitches coming from the quad). This led to the quad very briefly getting off the ground then spinning around at which point I cut the power. No damage fortunately.

I've attached a couple of logs (hope these are the right ones) so please let me know if you notice anything strange or can offer any advice on this.

Prior to sticking the Pixhawk in the quad, it did experience a fairly heavy crash in a plane. There was no external damage to the Pixhawk and no DF connectors pulled out and wires didn't connect from the connectors. It was in a fairly cushioned part of the plane so I thought it was ok.

If you can offer any advice on this that would be amazing, thanks for taking the time to read this.

All the best, Tom 

Mission Planner start up on connect.jpg

100 16-Jun-16 5-16-32 PM.bin.log

101 16-Jun-16 5-23-16 PM.bin.log

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  • I would like to preface this by saying I'm quite new to all this: I'd not noticed that one of the motors was reversed. Once this was sorted I was able to take off with no issues!

    If you do have time to check out the start up message when it first connect (the attached photo above) then this would still be really appreciated.

    Any advice on how to check that all is well after a crash would also be great. When I look at the logs I have no idea to tell if what I'm looking at is ok or not...

    Thanks, Tom

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