I have been struggling with an unstable hover the entire time I've been working with my machine. No matter what mode, AltHold, Loiter, Stabilize, my quad will randomly gain and lose altitude. There's no rhyme or reason. I've tried adding 3 kinds of foam over the barometer with no luck. I've tried 3M foam for mounting the controller to the top plate, and several different variations of the gel-like materials as well trying to dampen vibrations. I've gone through 3 sets of props, all VERY carefully balanced. 

I am stumped. Is this a vibration issue or some setting problem? I hope someone can help because I'm running out of ideas!

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The vibrations on Nov. 3rd are so high I wouldn't bother looking anywhere else for that flight until they were addressed. And yes, vibrations that high will make stable hover or position hold impossible.

Vibrations look much better on the 11th, though.  In fact, they look basically acceptable there. It's a shorter flight, with fewer flight modes - no improvement that day?

You also have a GPS error on the 3rd, and poor GPS performance on the 11th (HDOP should stay below 2, roughly. And 7 sats is low). 



The flight on 11-9 was marginally better, but did have a couple instances of hover drift, about 2-3 feet or so up and down then it would recover and stay stable for a little while, then do it again. Any ideas? What could I be overlooking?

STILL. I just can not figure out what the heck the problem is. It is completely useless to use because it is so unstable. I upgraded firmware, recalibrated compass and everything, have changed the PIDs from minimum to maximum and can't find any sweet spot.

The log attached was trying to complete a simple hover in loiter mode. It dropped so much altitude so fast that it hit the ground and rolled over, of course damaging the GPS stick. Here's a video to demonstrate what it's doing.


Please, ANY help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.


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