Unusual Crash after updating to 3.3

First field trip since update.

After doing calibrations in the field first flight was going well until about a minute in. I was in loiter hovering level, just tilting the camera down when the back of the Octocopter dipped violently, lost lots of height and hit the ground fairly hard.

No damage so reset and re-try in stabalise - same problem after 30 seconds.

I can't find any mechanical problems - There's much to see in the logs but I can't quite work out what happened. Some interesting EKF messages on compass but they could be red herrings.

Some help would be much appreciated.

Crash is at 61.2 in Tlog

2016-04-09 15-55-19.bin

2016-04-09 15-34-03.tlog

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  • looks like you had a mechanical issue of some sort most likely motor or ESC problem, you arent logging RCOUT so its difficult to tell....check all your electronics and power systems, there is nothing indicating anything wrong with AC3.3


    • You can see RC out on the Tlog - I've ordered replacement ESC's - looks very much like ESC 8 went bad.

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