Upgrade from APM1280 to 2560 and AC2.0.33 to 2.0.38



My hexa was hoving well in 2.0.33 with default PID except D was doubled to 0.24


But when I tried that configuration I was getting high frequency oscilations on the roll axis.  After some trials I went to the default PID and its great!


So to sum up, the default PIDs work well on my hexa in X configuration with AC850KV motors.


I also found that in simple mode my hexa yaw wasn't drifting either.


One request is to be able to tune the camera stablisation PID in the CLI or mission planner rather than having to recompile the code as I try to work out what PIDs need to be to stablisation my camera.  I remember it took me quite a few tries in NG code to get the right amount of pitch and roll correction to get the camera to stablise properly.

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    When to the the model aircraft field today and had a good test fly.  I'm very happy with 2.0.38 for general handling on my hexa with default PIDs.  However there were two problems that weren't in 2.0.33


    1.  On engaging alt hold above 2m, the copter would start climbing

    2.  On engaging alt hold at low altitudes it was ok until the batt V dropped below 10.5 v then it was bouncing everywhere

    3.  I think there is something wrong with my copter in simple mode, it didn't respond as expected, I need for test flights, but I didn't have enough batt today

    4.  After landing and re-arming I gave a little stick, and then the motors spun at low speed but I had no control over the copter, I had to crawl under the copter and disconnect the battery. 


  • I read your topic and was excited to hear if there are actually any differences in performence when changing from APM1280 to APM2560, but unfortunately you seem to forgot about it.


    So please give a review about the experiences with the new apm.




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