I have these motors on my quad: 


with DJI 9443 props. 

My quad has to sit on 70% throttle to stay in the air and when the battery gets low it needs almost 80% throttle. I can and will shed weight from its heavy frame (roughly 550 size).

I currently use a 3 cell battery, but will a 4 cell battery be OK for these motors? They say a max amps of 20A per motor and I hardly use more than 9 amps at full throttle with my 3 cell battery.

I have seen very similar motors (like the DJI E300) seen used with 4 cell batteries.

But I am new to this and want to make sure with someone who has experience with this. 

Even if you think its worth a try or not, let me know. If it is worth a try what can I do to make sure it is safe for my config?

Thank you.

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Hobbyking had a special on a battery that would fit my config. I bought it, going to give it a try. I will post my results. After looking around more I may have to limit the throttle to not overheat the motors. My quad will weigh almost 2 kg, so definitely on the heavy side for my motors! Regardless of weather or not it works, an extra battery wont go a stray. :) 

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