• Fixed it - turns out it was related to another issue I was having,

    The problem was I had a 4G USB dongle connected to my laptop with an a powered extension cable, i'm guessing it must have been causing issues on the USB ports because as soon as i disconnected that i was able to connect fine and also I had no dramas updating the firmware on the 3dr radio.

  • Tried it with a 5V TTL logic levels and i still get the same result.

    Does anyone know of a way to get it out of bootloader mode so I can at least use it with the old firmware or is it completely bricked now?

  • Just realised i have a 3.3v ttl ftdi cable, what are the logic levels of the 3dr radio?

  • I can't even see the settings it's configured for as when i press Load settings it comes back with "failed to enter command mode".

    Maybe i have a dodgy radio?

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