USB Connector ripped from IMU Board

Hello Everyone  -  HELP NEEDED


Last week my quad got stuck up a tree and in the process of getting it down (with a 60 foot pole) I lost the IMU.


I have fitted a new one and 3 days in, my grandson has pulled at the serial lead and ripped the USB connector away from the board - WHAT NEXT.....


I have managed to solder flying leads to four of the contacts left on the PCB but the center connection was ripped away from the board leaving me to solder to the track.  This wasn't entirely successful as it will only work if I put pressure on the connection.


Can anyone tell me where the track goes to. All I can see it that it disappears under an IC.


If I can identify the other end of the track, I should be able to connect to make the connection.


If I can get it working, having a flying USB socket isn't a bad option as it strains the socket each time I connect to it.



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  • You could try here for the schematic: but you need to have EagleCad to open the file.  
  • Hey Philip


    One option you might try is a repair pen. I'm not familiar with the particular board you have but I have experience with pcb's.

    If the original connection was a solder thru (i.e. the pins go through the board and solder on the back.) You can try and anchor the lead by inserting it through the hole, twist and double it over and then solder the loop. Then as you pull it back through the hole it should jam. Bend the remainder of the soldered loop flat to the board and do the same with the top of the lead. Then carefully apply solder to the top while applying heat to the bottom (solder runs towards heat regardless of orientation). As soon as it runs, remove the heat. This will form a "Plug" in the hole and anchot the lead. To repair your track, you can purcahse a repair pen from your local electronics store. You simply draw a line from the existing track to the anchored cable, allow for drying time (about 10 minutes for touch dry) and test with a meter for excess resistance.

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