I'm new to diydrones and considering my first hardware purchase.  I'd really like to start with APM2 since a) it's cheaper and b) it seems to have better sensors.  I'm currently interested in using it in a RC truck.

The blog post about APM 2 mentions that it already works with copters and planes.  Does this imply that it does _not_ work with rovers?  

If it does not, how difficult would it be to modify the firmware to get it working?  Would any modification to the ground station app be required?  I'm a software developer with some microcontroller experience, as well as .NET experience. 

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Daniel: ArduRover is based on a different codebase, and that has not yet been ported to APM2. You can either wait for that to happen (I don't have an ETA) or go with APM1. For the purposes of a rover, the sensors on APM 1 will give identical results to those on APM 2. The new sensors only really make a difference on multicopters, which need very precise altitude control and superfast attitude control loops. 

I would like to take part in the development of rover software on the APM2.  Where do I go to become a part of this process?

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