I have a co-pilot computer onboard my IRIS that translates MAVLink to another protocol required by my customer GCS.  I'm still hoping to use the 3DR radio to transmit this custom protocol though.  I'm hoping that the 3DR radio acts like a wire, but I've read that the radios actually do some optimizations for the MAVLink protocol, so I've attempted to turn that off by setting the "Mavlink" setting of my radios to "Raw data".

Still I have a problem.  The symptom is that, once in a while, my GCS would send a command and I would not get it in the air until 20 seconds later...  Most of the time though, transmission is normal.  This makes me wonder if there's some kind of software flow control that I'm tripping over by sending a custom protocol over the 3DR radios.  I have disabled CTS/RTS.

Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks.

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3DR radios unfortunately have more than their fair share of communication noise/errors.  Commands get munged all the time.  Even directly connected through the configuration tool settings read/writes fail about 5-10% of the time for me.

One dev note I read mentioned that you really need CTS/RTS for really reliable communications, so I'd start by turning that on.

I am using the 3DR clones succesfully for other protocolls. Try the following settings:

ECC:                    yes

CTS/RTS:            no

Op resend:          no

MavLink:              RawData

Max Window:       33ms

Also try several Baudrates. In my opinion, 115200 Baud is useful ffor many applications!



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