Using 4S with MinimOSD

I have a minimOSD v1.1 from 3DR.

I have seen a comment here that if there is switching regulator in the minimosd, we can connect upto 6S batteries. However wiki suggests the maximum voltage is 12V. I want to connect the 4S (single battery setup) as follows. Would that be okay? Thanks. 3691033422?profile=original

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  • Developer

    Power regulator in OSD Board can handle 17V but I am not sure about your camera and transmitter. If they can then it's ok to use but it would be better to offer 12V for them. 

    I am making small 12V regulator for this type needs as you are not only one who is looking to use 4S on their FPV systems.

    • Hello Jani,
      How did the 12v reg. worked? I would like to know how did you approached this issue :-)

      Something like this could solve the problem really easy I believe

      • Developer

        Yes we are using that chip on our big groundstation systems. For video systems we had this regulator made and there will be new regulator coming for FPV use that uses this TI switcher.

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