Hello, I have a couple of Phantom Batteries 2200 mAh 11.1v 20C 24.2 Wh and I am wondering if could use them with my 3DR IRIS+ 

I am attaching photo of both

The battery for the 3DR Iris+ is 5100 mAh, 11.1v 8c

I do not know what the letter "C" stands for and am afraid of trying out and messing my drone.

Thanks in advance

baterias phantom y 3dr

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  • The 20C means a current factor: the maximal current to be drawn from the battery, based on the capacity.

    5.1Ah * 8C  = 48 A

    2.2Ah * 20C = 44 A

    The Phantom Batteries would probably work, but only for a short flight as they have less than half the energy content.

    The maximum current is halfway sufficient.

    I'm using 5Ah Hacker Batteries (20C), but I had to mod the Iris housing to fit a battery that is 3mm too high (29mm).


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