Using CONDITION_CHANGE_ALT to achieve altitude crossing restrictions

I'm flying (Plane) in very steep terrain and I want to be able to loiter over a point to climb to an given altitude before continuing on with the mission. Same for my approach, I want to loiter over a safe location until the aircraft descends to a given altitude, then automatically proceed with the approach.

I believe I need to use DO_CONDITION_CHANGE_ALT but I'm not sure how to sequence it properly in a flight plan. How should it be placed in relation to the Loiter point? Do I list the Loiter point first, then the DO_Condition or the other way around? What sort of Loiter should I use, Time? Turns? Unlimited?  What values should be entered in the Loiter fields?

I tried to set up a HITL sim to test this, but my laptop can't handle it. If no one knows, could someone try this in their sim?

This seems like a powerful feature if we know how to use it.

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Couldn't it be as simple as having the WP that you want a significant alt change to be a loiter WP with enough turns programed that it would give it the needed time to achieve the higher or lower alt??? In other words when it reaches the WP and it's lower than the alt is set would it circle AND continue to climb or just circle? I don't know that yet. Wish I did. 

I'm afraid I don't really understand your post.

First I can not understand why a DO_CHANGE_ALT would require a preceeding Condition_Delay or Dist. Why can it not stand alone as the only condition? I also dont understand what the plane is supposed to be doing laterally while it is waiting for the condition to be met, an automatic loiter would seem like a natural behavior.

How about a CONDITION_ALT_ERROR that would not complete until the altitude error was LESS THAN the specified value. I'm still not clear how that would be best combined with the Loiter waypoint. If the Loiter point is after the Condition, how does the plane progress past the Conditional?


Your DO_CONDTION_LOITER sounds more like it, but I don't know how it relates to the ALT_ERROR.

How about a simple LOITER_ALT command to go with LOITER_TURNS, LOITER_TIME, and LOITER_UNLIM?

If it had a Xing Alt parameter rather than # of Turns or Time, it would be exactly what I need.

The question seems to be solved. Can u try?

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