using GPS for altitude

Hey guys,

I equipped my drone (3DR X8+, pixhawk with Arducopter 3.2 based firmware) with a high accuracy DGPS receiver and expect the GPS altitude measurements to be pretty accurate (<1m accuracy).

Is there an easy way to let Arducopter trust the GPS altitude measurements and use a mix of baro+GPS for altitude? Arduplane has the parameter ALT_MIX, I couldn't find it on Arducopter though.

Thanks a lot for your help!

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  • I have the same question, because i am now using dgps. I recently purchased a Reach Kit from Emlid and was able to do some ground tests and get RTK fix (I measured centimeter level accuracy for horizontal positioning, I expect vertical accuracy to be also in the <1m range).

    I am also using Pixhawk Autopilot, with dgps as 2nd gps (through serial 4/5). I need the pixhawk to use the differential gps altitude (when available and healthy). Does the pixhawk automatically do so? if not, can it be configured?

    Does anyone have more information on this topic?

  • i think it depends wether you are using EKF or not

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