Using internal combustion engines for a multicopter?

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has successfully driven an IC engine setup?


I have not acquired or started looking at the ArduPilot yet. Does the way in which it controls the motor output lend itself to an IC Throttle Body setup, e.g. Ardupilot to Servo, Servo to Throttle Body.


I understand there will be tuing issues as well as IC lag issues but interested to know if anyone has looked at it?



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I don't think it's possibly for an IC engine to respond quick enough (just my opinion). Far more feasible is an IC engine driving variable pitch props, which can respond much faster.
Thanks, what an excellent idea now to find some smallish electric VP


I could use a Helo rotor Head, but I only need collective not pitch, anyone seen something like that, or any RC Helo pilots out there who might know how to rig one?

Oops meant tilt not pitch

No you were correct the first time, you need the Pitch function not tilt.

Here's a miniature alternator you could consider.  

And how about getting or using your old smaller motors in a quad or hex configeration with a single rotor internal combystion engen that can run hard and your 4 or 6 motors in the hex or quad are just thare for stabelising and controlling the craft? Sure you will save a lot on your battery if the 4 or 6 motors just idles. And if you have a fuel ir setup problen you might still be able to come on for a good landing?

I suggest you look up a project called 'Incredible HLQ' they are planning to use an IC engine to power a quad with four variable pitch propellors with the end the goal being lifting 50 pounds.

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