using PC GCS + custom reading Xbee ? possible ?

using Xbees for telemetry,


i'd like to have the ground xbee connected to a PC GCS to be able to track the gps path to be able to find the copter if it is lost,

plus i'd like to "catch" some information from that xbee, to be processed by a custom microcontroller,


actually i'd like info like altitude, battery voltage, and current longitude and latitude to be handled by a microprocessor, that could turn an alarm for the voltage etc...


for the hardware it should be quite simple, i'll connect the microprocessor to the xbee output with a resistor so it's safe,


regarding the protocol,

as i understand it, the PC GCS is "requesting" different information from the Xbee/APM,which can be selected to refresh at different frequency on happykillmore.


i think of keeping that interrupted, using qualifiers on my microcontroller, which means it will wait for "battery:xx.xx v" which is being sent to the PC and catch the voltage data etc...

the stream is permanent anyways, so i don't need the microcontroller to request any data, just "catch" it


Do i get it right ?

where can i see the format in which the APM is sending data over the telemetry port ?

to find out what the microprocessor should wait for...



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