AntennaTracker is a powerful but rather obscure feature in MissionPlanner that enables a flight controller to control antenna tracking.

For my next project, I would like to explore the possibility of using the AUAV Pixracer as an antenna tracker controller. This is not a new idea, but discussion has been far and few between

A rough connection diagram envisaged for such a setup

On paper, there are several advantages of using the pixracer.

  1. 36mm form factor of the pixracer can free up valuable space for mounting antennae and essentials. 
  2. Pixracer FMU cannot draw power from servo rail, i.e. the rail is in effect an isolated PDB. This eliminates the need for overvoltage protection such as Zener diodes.
  3. Built in ESP-01 WiFi tether connects to ground control station over the air

Both suggestions and criticism are welcome. I'll be glad to share other design details on demand.

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