Using PX4 "CAP & ADC IN" for monitoring external voltage source

I am currently working on a rover project, using the px4 as the flight controller. For the project, I would like to run a script in Mission Planner that is constantly polling a specific value in the status tab of Mission Planner, and then use an external voltage change through the ADC to change that value and allow the script to execute its functionality. It seemed initially that it would be easy to pretend that the voltage that I would be providing would just be like a sonar sensor, and I could be constantly watching the "sonarvoltage" status. I am having no luck with the "CAP & ADC IN" port. I was happy when I saw that this was an ADC, but cannot get it to change the value of sonar voltage in Mission Planner. I have looked at numerous tutorials, but it seems that most of the solutions that are out there are pertaining to the pixhawk, and not the px4.

Thanks in advance for any help! 


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I figured it out. Wiring the voltage to the 3.3V ADC and then setting the rngfnd pin to 14 seemed to be what I was missing

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