V Tail quad

Hi I have a APM 2.5 and love it.

I am interested in the V tail quad copters, but there does not seam to be option for that frame type yet,

I know some people have written there own code & uploaded it as Hex file, that’s great but it would be good if it was available as standard frame.

I was looking at the DiaLFonZoV Tail but it was hard to get in Australia so i have made my own frame loosely based on the info I could find.



I have the first proto-type cut & assembled with a Crius MWC 1.9 it fly’s but not great, as I am not that good with setting these things up.



I have a proposal for a willing person.

I am going to get 2 frame cut next week a V2.0 which will have some improvements on my first frame.


I am willing to Supply ONE frame to some-one who can develop the firmware, settings etc & add them to mission planner etc,  for all to use.

I have only 1 frame for that Knowledgeable person who has the time to develop the code for these copters.

It should be ready to post out on the 10 Apr 2014

email me: dx4217 at yahoo  dot com


Looking forward to getting some feed back



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  • Hi Dave, 

    I know this thread is old but I just saw it.   Great looking V-Tail design.  Nice work. 

    I have spent a bit of time developing an excel sheet that calculates custom mixes for non symmetrical quads / hex and also V-Tails and have applied this to my Armattan 355 V-tail.   The results are super smooth and balanced flight, perfect yaw with no wobble and even power on all motors in the hover and full power climbs. 

    If you give me the dimensions for yours (motor spacing mainly) I can give you the perfect custom mix for your frame. 

    Or feel free to try the mixer here.


    Here is a little more info how to get the best flight performance from a V-Tail. 



  • 3D Robotics

    Yes, the code supports it (we fly v-tails a bit to evaluate against other frame type) but right now it requires a compile-time option (you can't just set that frame time in the GCS setup). If you can compile the code, I can have one of the developers tell you what option to set.

    Native v-tail support will come in the next rev. 

    • Hi Chris,

      Yes I know some people have compiled the code & uploaded the hex file.

      But i was looking for some-thing for beginners etc.

      This is a newish frame type so i am looking to help with the development it bye donating a frame, if that would help ????

      Other wise i will stumble along on my own and compile the code etc.



      • Hi again.

        The other thing I am interested in is how they fly.

        With the tail at 40* the tail lifts as well as turns, which makes the opposite front arm dip.

        When close to the ground is a bit of an issue, so I altered the code for the Crius MWC as follows.

        It still lifts a bit giving a nice smooth turn.


        #elif defined( VTAIL4 )

            //motor[0] = PIDMIX(+0,+1, +1); //REAR_R

            //motor[1] = PIDMIX(-1, -1, +0); //FRONT_R

            //motor[2] = PIDMIX(+0,+1, -1); //REAR_L

            //motor[3] = PIDMIX(+1, -1, -0); //FRONT_L


            // Dave Mix.... Roll, Pitch, Yaw

             motor[0] = PIDMIX(+0,+1, +1); //REAR_R

            motor[1] = PIDMIX(-1, -0, -1/3); //FRONT_R  //stop front from dipping  on yaw

            motor[2] = PIDMIX(+0,+1, -1); //REAR_L

            motor[3] = PIDMIX(+1, -0, +1/3); //FRONT_L  //stop front from dipping on yaw



        I am not that good with the code & flight characteristics  so that is why I am after help.


        Thanks & regards


        • Hi Again.

          It would seam that on one is interested in my Free Frame.

          Thats ok because i have not yet finished V2 yet, As I have been working on a Mini V tail, which i am hoping to get cut today. I will use Robbe Roxxy 1815/25 under mounted motors, Trunigy Plush 6A esc, 5030 - 3 blade props.

          I will try to edit & compile the APM code, but if not I have a spare MultiWii or 2 sitting around & have the code working nice now, with some more alterations to the Output.cpp since my last post.

          So now if you yaw to the STBD (right) the copters right front arm drops slightly, (as opposed the the left arm dipping as i found was happening with the original V Tail code).

          I have reduced the speed of Right front motor instead of increasing the left front motor & of course the opposite to yaw to PORT (hopefully for save some small battery savings). I also put some on the front motors in Pitch as i found the Tail was wobbling a bit just using tail motors alone.

          Just a NOTE I am not a 3D pilot, I use stable mode but no GPS just Gyro/ACC.

          It may fly a lot differently in full ACRO.

          Maybe later on when i have lots of Hours stick time i will try 3D. :)

          Thanks for those who replied.

          Seen as there were no takers for my frame, I guess it is not needed & so my offer for a FREE frame has ended.

          However if any one would like to get one. or the new mini V tail, (photos coming soon.)

          Please email me.

          Thanks again

          Best regards


          • Here are the pictures of the v2 frame.

            FWD facing landing skids. Lighter frame design. Slight V in the rear section Stiffeners for extra strength.

            I have mounted a BosCam on the front & a 1W 5.8ghz video TX on the rear.

            And a 3DR minim OSD with a  7" monitor on the Turnigy 9X Receiver

            2200mah LIPO with SunnySky Angle A2208-1260kv motors with Skywalker 20A ESC

            8" plastic props.She flies ok. But better with 9" props.

            As the video gear & 2nd battery it adds a bit too  much weight. with 8" props she hovers with 70% & with  9" props about 60% throttle.

            I have bigger 980kv motors but haven't had soldering time yet (connection plugs ESC etc) :(


            3702824681?profile=original3702824708?profile=originalThe mini has Robbi Roxxy 1815-25 upside down mount motors with 15-18 ESC.

            It can also take A1510 2200kv motors. with 5x4.5 props. (3 blade)

            or even 6" props (which i don't have) or i would try them.


            • Hi, I Have my frames ready, There is talk that firmware 3.2 has the V-Tail support, but I can NOT get that firmware, on Linux Mint 17 I have APMplanner2.0.15 and the latest firmware available is 3.1.5 Where is the 3.2 with V-tail support ???

              I also have DroidPlanner on Android and 3.2 is also not available yet ??

              Please I want to USE my APM2.5 on my V_Tail quad.

              Am i missing something or is the 3.2 not released yet ???

              The MWC 2.5 is working ok but would really like to get the APM going.

              I have tried to compile the code, but on Linux the Adruion -Apm IDE crashes :(

              Can you PLEASE advise how to get the 3.2 firmware into the APM2.5 using Linux mint 17 KDE 32bit.



              • Hello, seems like the thread is dead but it's now mid-2015 and I still don't see any Vtail selection in latest Mission Planner or APM2 Software for firmware config....trying to figure out why so many people say it's supported but I don't see it in the choices. What gives?

                Need some guidance here. Really don't want to go back to the multiwii....

                • Hi Derek,
                  It's winter in Tasmania so not good flying weather.
                  I had to get an old windows XP computer going again, and install the latest mission planner, then in extra or experimental I found the V-Tail. I am at work and will be Home on the weekend, If you can wait to then I'll upload some screen shots of Mission planner etc.
                  However it fly's like the MWC stock code, which I was not happy with.
                  I started to look at the APM code but have not got very far yet.
                  I have the frames at V3 and working on GoPro mount, vibration dampening for the flight board etc for V4.
                  I started a web site www(dot)v-dragon-copter(dot)com( dot)au.. which I will add some useful info soon no flight boards etc.

                  good luck with IT.
                  kind regards Dave DX

                  • Hi Derek.


                    Mission Planner 1.3.17

                    It was under 3702944471?profile=originalBeta firmwares.

                    Load this, you will get a prompt,

                    "These are beta firmwares, use at your own Risk!!!!"

                    Load the QUAD firmware to your APM.

                    Then connect, to mission planner, I used USB. (COM6, 115200)

                    Then look at Frame Type

                    3702944670?profile=originalAnd now set up everything else, compass etc.

                    Then the hard bit PID tuning, I till have not mastered this part yet.

                    but a quick look at what I have, could be improved

                    but She flys, that's the main thing.


                    Good luck and enjoy.



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