Had a bit of a weird one, updated from 1.0.58 to 1.0.62

Updated the software in my heli to 1.0.39b. Connected and the new mission planner is really slow. the map never updates and the HUD appears after a few secs but the rest of the screen never shows. gauges etc


Went back to 1.0.58 and everything works fine.

Suppose it might be my graphics card i'm using my old laptop.

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yes, the new versions of MP use openGL to render faster, but it does prefer modern graphics cards.

ive tested on some i7's i5's and an atom (asus eee pc), and it runs fune. Im wondering if i need to support both the opengl hud as well as the older one. or maybe drop the opengl hud all together.

Support for both will be great, though it will lead to more work :)

i tested this on i7 gen 1 GTX295 and seems to work fine so far but what I am interested in is I hope the issue with the mavlink (usb connection) getting corrupted is fixed. I noticed clicking the terminal without switching towards the RC pins causes problems making the board boot slow and you wont be able to connect when switched to flight mode. I had to back out to v.57 and reloaded the APM with the software a couple of times before it stop reseting itself when connecting to mission planner. Worst sometimes it changes the PID values randomly which caused a lot of problem.


what graphics card do you have?
here is a list of supported features for a few cards


Hi Michael, i use an older laptop with a Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset.

I use this laptop as it has to go to the field, gets slung in my truck, puts up with a hell of a lot. I dont think i'm ever gonna run a GTX295, my main desktop only has a GTX260.

I even spilt fuel on this thing once :) I'll check the link to see if the GC is listed but i'm not holding my breath.

It' ok though 58 runs fine on here, just wanted to check i didn't do anything wrong

your card supports open gl 1.4 the same as my eee pc, can you try updating drivers for it

This is a case of upgrade your drivers before open mouth. Sorry Michael, updated drivers through the Intel Site. Updated Mission Planner and it all runs fine.

I apologise for making you guys work. Anyway good news i can now run the latest version.

Thanks again for mission planner Michael. 

i'm still kicking myself !!

Ive been testing some more today, and think im going to stick with the opengl hud. opengl 1.4 is almost 10 years old. so im going to go with that.

it saves cpu time and generaly makes things faster.

I dont see much of a difference on my laptop but if it makes things run faster then thats the way to go. Again sorry for my question

Just had the same problem upgrading from 1.0.58 to 1.0.63. Unfortunately there aren't driver updates for the card (nvidia geforce4 420 Go 32M) as they are pc manufacturer specific. I guess the only option is to stick with 1.0.58?

I'm still using 1.0.62.  I noticed when I save waypoints in the flight planner to disk, then immediatly reload them (from disk) the "absolute alt" box auto checks itself.   My understanding is that this causes everything to be interpreted by the APM as MSL instead of AGL (which is bad).

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