I have a little project going. I'm planning to create a new circuit bored for the v911 mini helicopter or at least thinking about it. First goal is to make an open source alternative that is as good as the original, but where it's possible to build on it. Essentially making it a really cheap drone.

I've started thinking about the design but I would like some input. It needs to be cheap and light.

Here it goes:
µC: Arm coretex M3 vs atmega328
Sensor: MPU-6050
link: nRF24L01+ vs A7105

So A7105 would make it compatible with the original controller. But I really like the nRF24L01+.

Arm processor would give it all the power I need for future addons. But The atmega328 is easy cheap and accessible.

Please tell me what you think. The v911 has not arrived, so I haven't tested any thing like how much it can lift.

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    I'd say using the same sensors as on the APM2 is generally a good idea because drivers are already available.  I like the MPU6000 over the MPU6050 because the MPU6000 has an SPI interface which is faster than the I2C only of the 6050.

    In general though I think it would be better to find someone else who has already put together a very small autopilot board and work within that group instead of going it alone.  There's a decent number of people making really small autopilot boards but they mostly fall down when it comes to writing the software.  Strength in numbers!

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